I use a holistic approach in my work, valuing client’s individual needs, experiences and problems. 

I believe the therapeutic relationship is vital for change. 

My clients are teenagers and adults, many of them are expats, or students studying abroad.

I work in both English and Polish.



Single consultations are sometimes enough to discuss a single problem and try to find helping and healing solutions. Sometimes single consultations are an introduction to the therapy process.



Regular sessions of psychological help is a process that leads to deep changes.

“Let go of who you think you’re supposed to be; embrace who you are.”
– Brené Brown
This is for you if:
  • You feel like your way of living is no longer bringing you happiness and peace;
  • You feel overwhelmed and weakened by the things that happen to you;
  • You experience anxiety, depression or panic attacks;
  • Your body is showing symptoms of a physical illness for which doctors can’t find any biological  causes;
  • You feel lonely;
  • You find the support and advice from your friends and family is not enough; or
  • You feel ready to search for your own answers for a positive change.


I will happily assist you in the process of change.

Karolina Budzinska (MBPsS)


St.Leonards-On-Sea, UK

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